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Linear bearings and shafts

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Linear Bearings and Shafts

Explore our extensive range of precision-engineered linear bearings and shafts designed to elevate linear motion applications to new heights of performance and reliability.

From linear sliding bearings to shaft supports, Kiwi Motion delivers innovative solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of OEMs, end users, and resellers across the UK and beyond.

Discover the unparalleled quality and versatility of our linear motion products as we delve into the world of linear motion.

Understanding Linear Sliding Bearings and Shafts

Linear Bearings (Linear Bushings):

Linear bearings, commonly known as linear bushings, are indispensable components that facilitate smooth and precise linear motion along a defined axis.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our linear sliding bearings ensure frictionless movement, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of linear motion systems in a variety of applications.

Linear Bearings - Linear Bushings - Linear Bearing

Linear Shafts (Linear Rods/Ground Shafts):

Linear shafts, also referred to as linear rods or ground shafts, serve as the guiding force behind linear motion systems, providing a straight and smooth path for linear bearings to traverse.

Available in a range of materials including CF53 standard and chrome-plated hardened steel, as well as X46CR13 hardened stainless steel, our shafts boast exceptional durability and reliability, meeting the stringent demands of diverse industries.

Linear Bearing Shaft | Linear Rod | Linear Shaft

Bearings and Shafts Features

Linear Bearings:

  • Flanged and Unflanged Bearings: Explore our selection of flanged and unflanged bearings, offering versatility in mounting options to suit various application requirements.
  • Standard and Long Bushings: Choose from standard and long bushings to accommodate different reach and load capacity needs, ensuring optimal performance in any linear motion system.
  • Housed Linear Bearings: Discover our housed linear bearings, engineered to provide enhanced protection and support, making them ideal for use in challenging environments where durability is paramount.

Linear Shaft:

  • Material Options: Select from CF53 standard and chrome-plated hardened shafts, or opt for X46CR13 hardened stainless steel shafts, depending on your specific application needs.
  • Diameter Range: With diameters ranging from 5mm to 60mm, our linear shafts offer versatility to accommodate a wide range of linear motion requirements.
  • UK Stock Availability: Benefit from readily available stock of popular sizes such as 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm diameters, ensuring quick access to essential components for your projects.

Shaft Supports:

  • Easy Mounting: Our shaft supports are designed for easy mounting, providing convenience and efficiency in linear motion system assembly.
  • Compatibility: Designed to suit all linear rod diameters, our shaft supports offer compatibility and versatility to meet various application needs.
  • Rigid Construction: Despite their compact design, our shaft supports boast inherent rigidity, ensuring stable support for linear shafts in motion.

CAD and Data Sheets for Easy Design Integration

Streamlined Design Process:

At Kiwi Motion, we understand the importance of seamless design integration. That’s why we provide CAD models and comprehensive data sheets for each of our bearings and shafts, empowering design engineers to incorporate our shaft and bearing solutions into their projects with ease and precision.

With our extensive resources, designing linear motion systems has never been simpler or more efficient.

Bearings and Shafts conclusion:

Elevate your linear motion applications with Kiwi Motion’s precision-engineered linear bearings and shafts.

Whether you’re seeking flanged bearings for versatile mounting options, durable shafts for reliable guidance, or robust supports for stable motion, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Explore our comprehensive range today and experience the difference in performance, reliability, and efficiency that Kiwi Motion delivers.

Ready to enhance your linear motion systems?

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and discover how Kiwi Motion can support your projects with top-quality shaft and bearing solutions.

Linear Shaft and Bearings FAQ’s

What are linear shafts and linear bearings?

A linear shaft, or commonly called hardened ground shaft, or precision shaft is an induction hardened, round, metal, straight rod used in conjunction with linear bearings (bushings) to provide low friction linear motion. They are available in a wide range of diameters and types of material to suit the demands of the application. The shafts will commonly be custom machined each end to suit the desired fixity.

Where are linear shafts and bearings used?

Linear shafts and bearings will appear in a huge range of applications and industries that require linear motion. Due to their self-aligning capabilities, they are particularly useful when, for whatever reason, a level of misalignment will occur.  They also offer a simple and quick mounting method due to the linear shaft only being required to be supported each end.

What are the benefits of linear shaft and bearings?

They offer simple and easy mounting due to the need to only support them on each end and in general, they require very little lubrication and maintenance.

Why use Kiwi Motion linear shafts and bearings?

Kiwi Motion continue to lead the market in offering cost effective, quality linear products that are delivered on time. By using Kiwi Motion linear shafts and bearings you are safe in the knowledge that you will receive a quality product, suited to the demands of your application.

With a wide range of types and sizes of linear bearings to choose from and with linear shafts offered with different corrosion resistance properties at differing price points, you have the flexibility and the choice to choose the correct linear system for your machine design.

How do I choose a linear shaft and bearing system?

Several key factors should be considered when selecting a linear shaft and bearing system for your specific application, so it meets your performance and functional requirements and ensures a long lifetime. Key factors such as payload, speed and environmental conditions should be at the forefront of any selection when incorporating them into your machine design. By using Kiwi Motion data sheets, a correct choice can be made. If you still need advice and guidance the expert, helpful, friendly team at Kiwi Motion will be on hand to help.

How good are linear shafts against corrosion?

Here at Kiwi Motion, we offer a varied range of linear shaft materials which offer varying levels of corrosion resistance. Linear shafts do offer very good corrosion resistance, and should the correct linear shaft be selected they are sure to meet the lifetime requirements for the machine they will be incorporated into. Salt spray tests have been carried out on each linear shaft supplied which reflect certain environments that automation systems might be subjected to, ensuring peace of mind.

What types of linear shaft do you offer?

Linear shafts are offered in CF53 steel, CF53 steel chrome plated, and X90 and X46 stainless steel. With differing price points and varying levels of corrosion resistance, there will be a linear shaft to suit any application and environment.

Can you cut linear shaft to any length?

Yes, all our linear shafts can be cut to your desired length. You can order set lengths online, or order custom lengths by contacting us.

Can you machine my linear shaft?

Yes, upon receipt of a drawing, we can machine any of our linear shafts to suit your requirements.

How do you support a linear shaft?

The most common and simple method to support a linear shaft is to use our SK shaft end supports. These are available to suit linear shaft diameters from 8mm to 40mm and they offer an easy and rigid support system. We can suggest alternative fixing methods should the application require something else, or you can design your own fixing layout.

What are the common applications where Linear Shaft and Bearing are used?

Kiwi Motion linear shafts and linear bearings are used all over the UK & Ireland, in many different applications and industries. Some common industries and applications for linear rails and guides include:

Machine Tools, Printing Machines, Packaging Machines, Semiconductor, Automotive, Plasma Cutting Machines, Pick and Place Systems, Aerospace, Special Purpose Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Bottling Machines, Laboratory Equipment.

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Linear bearings and shaft