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 High Quality Linear Motion Products

Welcome to Kiwi Motion, your premier destination for cutting-edge linear motion products designed to elevate your engineering projects.

From linear actuators to ball screws and cobot lifting columns, our meticulously curated product range is tailored to meet the diverse needs of design engineers across industries.

Join us as we delve into the world of linear motion, exploring the transformative benefits and applications of our premium components.

What Is Linear Motion?

Linear motion is the fundamental concept of controlled movement along a straight path, pivotal in numerous engineering applications. From automated manufacturing processes to intricate robotics, the seamless operation of linear motion components is paramount for achieving desired outcomes.

At Kiwi Motion, we recognise the critical role these components play and are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our product offerings.

What is a linear motion system?

A linear motion system refers to a mechanism designed to produce or control motion in a straight line. It typically consists of components such as linear guides, rails, actuators, and bearings.

These systems are used in various applications where controlled movement along a linear path is required, such as in manufacturing machinery, robotics, and automation systems.

Tailored Linear Motion Components for Every Requirement

Linear Actuators:

At the heart of dynamic motion control systems lie our advanced linear actuators. Available in belt and ball screw driven variants, these actuators offer unparalleled speed and precision.

Capable of reaching speeds up to 6m/s and handling loads of up to 119KN, our linear actuators empower engineers to achieve precise positioning and rapid traversing, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Linear Actuators | Belt and Ball Screw Actuators

Linear Rail and Guides:

Versatility meets reliability with our diverse range of linear rail and linear motion guide systems. From heavy load applications to compact setups, we offer solutions tailored to suit every requirement.

With impressive speeds of up to 10m/s and rail sizes ranging from 2-55mm, our linear rail systems ensure smooth and precise motion, even in the most demanding environments.

Custom lengths are also available, providing flexibility to accommodate unique project specifications.

Linear Rail and Guides

Linear Bearings and Shaft:

Precision-engineered for seamless operation, our linear shafts and bushings withstand the rigours of industrial applications.

Whether it’s CF53 hardened ground shafts or corrosion-resistant stainless steel options, our shafts are built to last. Combined with a variety of bushing types and shaft supports, our linear shaft systems offer unmatched stability and ease of installation.

With diameters ranging from 5-60mm and lengths up to 2m, our shafts provide the versatility needed to tackle any project with confidence.

Linear Shaft and Bearings

Ball Screws and End Supports:

Achieving precision in linear motion is effortless with our range of ball screws and end supports. Engineered for exceptional accuracy, our ball screws boast precision up to 3 microns, ensuring reliable performance in even the most demanding applications.

With rolled ball screw diameters ranging from 6-80mm and custom machining options available, our ball screw systems offer unparalleled flexibility and control.

Whether it’s rolled ball screws or fixed/floating end supports, our products are designed to exceed expectations.

Ball Screws

Ball Splines:

For applications requiring both linear and rotational motion, our ball splines provide the perfect solution.

With precision up to 3 microns and diameters ranging from 4-60mm, our splines offer the versatility needed to meet the demands of modern engineering projects.

Whether it’s standard linear motion or rotary capabilities, our ball splines deliver exceptional performance, ensuring smooth and precise operation in any scenario.

Ball Splines

Cobot Lifting Columns:

Embrace the future of automation with our state-of-the-art cobot lifting columns. Featuring integrated Modbus communication, easy programming, and powerful brushless motors, our lifting columns streamline operations and maximise productivity.

With maintenance-free operation and robust construction, these columns offer reliability and performance that you can trust, allowing you to focus on innovation.

ai-Lift Cobot Lifting Columns

Benefits of Linear Motion Products

Linear motion components offer a multitude of benefits, including:

Precision: Linear motion components enable precise control over movement, ensuring accuracy and consistency in engineering applications.

Efficiency: By facilitating smooth and efficient motion, these components enhance productivity and streamline processes.

Versatility: With a wide range of products available, linear motion components cater to diverse requirements across industries and applications.

Reliability: Engineered for durability and performance, these components withstand rigorous conditions and deliver consistent results.

Customisation: Many linear motion components offer customisation options, allowing engineers to tailor solutions to specific project needs.

Linear Motion Examples and Applications

Kiwi Motion’s linear motion products find application across a wide spectrum of industries, including:

Manufacturing and Automation:

In the manufacturing sector, our linear motion components play a pivotal role in assembly lines, CNC machines, robotics, and material handling systems.

Linear actuators and rails are utilised for precise positioning and movement of components, while ball screws and splines enable high-speed and accurate motion control.

These components ensure optimal efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing processes.

Robotics and Automation:

Robots are increasingly relied upon in industries such as automotive, electronics, and logistics for tasks ranging from assembly to packaging.

Our linear motion components are integral to the design and operation of robotic systems, providing the necessary precision, speed, and reliability for smooth movement and manipulation.

Linear actuators, shafts, and ball screws are commonly used in robot arms and gantry systems, while cobot lifting columns facilitate collaborative robotics applications.

Aerospace and Defence:

In the aerospace and defence sectors, where precision and reliability are paramount, our linear motion products meet the stringent requirements of critical applications.

Linear rails and guides ensure smooth movement of aircraft components and defence systems, while ball screws and splines contribute to the accuracy and stability of aerospace machinery and missile guidance systems.

These components withstand harsh environments and demanding operating conditions, ensuring mission success and safety.

Medical and Pharmaceutical:

In medical and pharmaceutical applications, where precision and hygiene are essential, our linear motion components play a vital role in equipment such as surgical robots, diagnostic instruments, and drug delivery systems.

Linear actuators and shafts enable precise movement in medical devices, while ball screws and splines contribute to the accuracy and reliability of laboratory automation and diagnostic equipment.

Our components meet the rigorous standards of the healthcare industry, ensuring patient safety and product integrity.

General Automation and Machinery:

Across various industries, including automotive, electronics, and consumer goods, our linear motion products are employed in a wide range of automation and machinery applications.

Whether it’s packaging machines, 3D printers, or testing equipment, our components provide the necessary precision, speed, and durability to optimise performance and productivity.

From linear actuators to ball screws and shafts, our products are trusted by design engineers to deliver consistent results in demanding environments.

By serving these diverse industries and applications, Kiwi Motion’s linear motion components empower design engineers to innovate, optimise, and succeed in their projects, driving progress and excellence across the board.

Linear Motion Conclusion:

At Kiwi Motion, we are committed to delivering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability through our premium linear motion products.

With a comprehensive range of linear motion components meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of design engineers across industries, we empower innovation and excellence in every project. Whether you’re improving manufacturing processes, advancing robotics technology, or enhancing aerospace systems, our components provide the foundation for success.

Experience the difference with Kiwi Motion’s cutting-edge solutions and elevate your engineering projects to new heights.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our linear motion components can transform your vision into reality.

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