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Ball Screws FAQ’s

A ball screw is a precision mechanical component that converts rotational motion into linear motion. Through a ball screw nut the system – via ball bearings moving around a circuit – transport a load to the desired location with precision and smooth motion.

Ballscrews are used in a huge range of applications where precise and repeatable motion is required. They are used in applications all over the world and in almost every industry.

Common applications include machine tools, printing and packaging, robotics, plasma cutting machine, automotive, semiconductor and many more.

Several key factors should be considered when selecting a ball screw system for your specific application, so it meets meet your performance and functional requirements and to ensure a long lifetime.

Key factors such as payload, speed and environmental conditions should be at the forefront of any selection when incorporating ball screws into your machine design. By using Kiwi Motion data sheets, a correct choice can be made. If you still need advice and guidance the expert, helpful, friendly team at Kiwi Motion will be on hand to help.

The high efficiency of ball screw systems makes them a popular choice for precision linear motion. Operating at more than 90% efficiency and requiring very low driving torque they are also a long-term cost-effective option. The load bearing capabilities of ball screws is also very high suiting them to high load applications. They are also extremely accurate and repeatable with accuracies available from just 3 microns.

Kiwi Motion continue to lead the market in offering cost effective, quality linear products that are delivered on time. By using Kiwi Motion ball screw systems you are safe in the knowledge that you will receive a quality product, suited to the demands of your application. With a wide range of types and sizes of ball screws to choose from, along with the varied range of ball screw end supports, you have the flexibility and the choice to choose the correct linear system for your machine design.

A rolled ball screw is manufactured by forcing ‘plain’ round screw material through dies which in turn form the threads on the screw by pushing material out of the way. The most cost-effective type of ball screw which still offers precision accuracy, low noise, and high load capacity.

A ground ball screw is manufactured by grinding away material in the ‘plain’ screw material to form threads. This typically occurs in a horizontal setup with the plain screw material rotating between two machining centres.

Abrasive cutters then cut a few threads at a time. Generally only used for high precision applications, they are the quietest, most repeatable type of ball screw.

The ball screw pitch or lead is the linear travel the ball screw nut makes per one screw revolution. Pitch and lead are equal for all single start ball screws.

The most common method to support a ball screw is to use an arrangement of a fixed type support bearing one end, with a floating (simple) end support the other. This offers good load bearing characteristics and speed profiles and allows for any thermal expansion in the ball screw.

Depending on the application there be a requirement for having two fixed ends, or even allowing one end of the ballscrew to be ‘free’. We stock and supply a wide range of ball screw end supports to suit your machine design and can offer help and guidance if you still aren’t sure as to which arrangement to use.

Yes, absolutely. We can machine our ball screws to your specific requirements, just send us a drawing. Or if you have chosen standard end supports, we can machine these without a drawing as they come with standard machining details.

Kiwi Motion ball screw systems are used all over the UK & Ireland, in many different applications and industries. Some common industries and applications for ball screws include:

Machine Tools, Printing Machines, Packaging Machines, Semiconductor, Automotive, Plasma Cutting Machines, Pick and Place Systems, Aerospace, Special Purpose Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Bottling Machines, Laboratory Equipment.

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Ball Screws