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What are ball splines?

Ball splines are a linear motion mechanism utilising the rolling motion of ball bearings. A ball spline is a non-driven guidance system, providing highly rigid, high load capacity, low friction linear motion.

What is a rotary ball spline?

Rotary ball splines are a linear motion component that can perform linear and rotational motion at the same time. They provide high-rigidity, high speed rotational and linear motion in a compact form.

What is a rotary ballscrew spline?

A rotary ball screw spline is a linear motion system that can perform positioning, linear motion, and rotational motion on a single axis. As a result of these three types of motion, rotary ball screw splines, due to being able to offer spiral motion, are used in Scara robots and many other applications.

How to choose a ball spline?

There are many factors to correctly select a ball spline system for your application. These include speed considerations, load capacity, environmental conditions. Full specifications for all ball spline type products are available on the website.

What are the advantages of ball splines, rotary ball splines and rotary ballscrew spline?

Each ball spline product offers high load capacity, low friction linear motion in an extremely compact form. The rotary options allow for two or three different motion profiles allowing for a highly dynamic and capable linear system while saving space within the machine.

Where are ball splines used?

Ball splines are used in a wide variety of applications. They are used in conveyor systems and robots as radial loads and torque can be applied at the same time.

Where are rotary ball splines used?

Rotary ball splines are used in many differing applications from SCARA type robots to assembly machines to pick and place machinery.

Where are rotary ball screw spline used?

Rotary ball screw splines can be utilised in many different applications from Scara robots, to fastening applications to automotive assemblies.

Why use NB ball splines?

NB (Nippon Bearing) are global leaders in ball spline technology. With unique features within every ball spline group, including market-leading load capacity and renowned 100% Japanese-made quality, you are sure to receive a technically superior linear motion product.

From the ultra-compact, SPB-KP rotary ball spline to the multi-functional SPBR rotary ball screw spline, high performance is packed into every NB linear system.

What is the difference between a ball screw and a ball spline?

A ball spline is a guidance system, that carries a load in a linear direction with minimal friction and minimal play. The ball spline won’t be driven, it is used purely to offer linear guidance. A ballscrew is the driven mechanism, converting rotary motion into linear motion.

Common Applications

NB ball splines, rotary ball splines and rotary ballscrews are used all over Planet Earth in many different applications and industries. Some common industries and applications for ball splines include:

  • Machine Tools,
  • Printing Machines,
  • Packaging Machines,
  • Semiconductor,
  • Automotive,
  • Plasma Cutting Machines,
  • Pick and Place Systems,
  • Aerospace, Special Purpose Machinery,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Food & Beverage,
  • Bottling Machines,
  • Laboratory Equipment.

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Ball Splines