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Company Profile: Nippon Bearing (NB)

Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. (NB) is a leading provider of precision linear motion and automation systems, boasting over 50 years of industry expertise. Specialising in ball splines, crossed roller guides, and linear bearings, NB’s innovative solutions are engineered to minimise dynamic friction, ensuring seamless movement and pinpoint precision in positioning. With a global presence, NB excels in product planning, technical design, and efficient manufacturing, all underpinned by stringent quality control measures.

Nippon Bearing Linear System

The cornerstone of NB’s offerings lies in its linear systems, which leverage ball and roller elements to facilitate smooth and precise motion. These systems boast reduced dynamic friction compared to traditional sliding bearings, resulting in exceptional load capacity and extended travel life. The precision-ground raceway surfaces ensure unparalleled performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Operating Departments

Nippon Bearing operates through specialised departments dedicated to market support, technical design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The Sales Department gathers market insights from global operations, while the Technical Design Department transforms customer requirements into tangible solutions in collaboration with Manufacturing Departments.

Nippon Bearing Product Ranges

Nippon Bearing offers a diverse array of products, including:

  • Ball splines: Engineered for precise linear motion, these splines minimise friction and ensure reliable performance.
  • Cross rollers: Designed for applications requiring high load capacity and smooth motion, NB’s cross rollers deliver exceptional durability and accuracy.
  • Linear bearings: These bearings utilise ball and roller elements to achieve smooth movement and precise positioning, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Quality Assurance

At NB, quality is paramount. The Quality Assurance Department conducts meticulous inspections to ensure the delivery of high-quality, reliable products. Advanced inspection technologies and a systematic quality control system are employed to continuously improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Meeting Market Needs

Nippon Bearing’s commitment to meeting evolving market demands is evident through its proactive approach to product development and refinement. From semiconductor manufacturing equipment to automation solutions, NB strives to uphold its reputation as an indispensable partner, delivering products that embody the essence of “NB inside” excellence. Through close collaboration with stakeholders and a focus on innovation, NB remains dedicated to maintaining the legacy of excellence synonymous with “Made in Japan”.

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