Founded in 1993, LINE TECH AG, has thrived in linear technology for 30 years. With a core focus on precision, their in-house production delivers high-performance linear actuators, modules, and positioning units. Based on modular systems, these solutions meet diverse requirements, showcasing the company’s agility in responding to customer needs.

CPC Chieftek Precision Co. Logo

Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd. (cpc) pioneers excellence in linear motion components. Specialising in high-quality linear rails, cpc’s acclaimed product range includes the MR, ARC, HRC, ERC, and RR series, ensuring superior rigidity and precision. With a legacy of innovation, cpc is dedicated to providing top-tier solutions, contributing to the success of its partners in various industries.

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Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. (NB) leads in precision linear motion and automation systems with a half-century legacy. Specialising in ball splines, cross rollers and linear bearings, NB’s innovative solutions minimise dynamic friction, ensuring smooth movement and precise positioning. With a global presence, NB excels in product planning, technical design, and efficient manufacturing, all underpinned by rigorous quality control.

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Baumeister & Schack, a leader in cobot lifting columns and telescopic lifters. Their smart solutions cater to various industries, covering single components to complete systems. With almost four decades of experience, their innovative team in Balingen, Swabian Alps, consistently delivers precise and inventive solutions, reflected in their sustained growth, expanding facilities, and satisfied customer base.