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Compact Linear Rail and Guides

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Compact Linear Guides

Compact linear guides and rail provide efficient motion control solutions for various applications. Their compact design, lower profile, and customisable lengths make them ideal for space-constrained environments. Leveraging innovative engineering, these systems offer exceptional performance while maintaining a smaller footprint compared to traditional linear guides.


Compact linear guides and rail offer numerous advantages over traditional models. Their compactness not only saves space but also reduces weight, facilitating easier integration into machinery and equipment. Additionally, these systems provide precise motion control, enhancing operational efficiency and performance.

Features and Specifications

Compact linear rail and guides are available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 55mm, catering to diverse application needs. They support speeds of up to 10m/s, enabling swift and precise motion control. With dynamic load capacities of up to 125KN, these systems offer robust performance in demanding environments. Flanged carriages provide customers with multiple mounting options, enhancing flexibility and ease of installation.

Applications and examples

Compact linear guides and rail find extensive applications across various industries, including automation, manufacturing, and robotics. Common uses include conveyor systems, packaging equipment, CNC machines, and more. Their versatility, reliability, and compact design make them well-suited for a wide range of motion control tasks.

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting the appropriate size of linear rail and guides is crucial for optimal performance. Sizes ranging from 15mm to 55mm accommodate different load requirements and application specifications. Understanding the specific needs of the application, including load capacity, speed requirements, and available space, ensures the right fit and efficient operation.

Maximising Performance

Each rail and carriage engineered to deliver high-speed performance without compromising accuracy or stability. With speeds of up to 10m/s, these systems facilitate rapid and precise motion control in dynamic environments. Whether needed for high-speed packaging systems or rapid positioning tasks, compact linear guides and rail offer the speed and precision required for demanding applications.

Customisation Options

Compact linear guides and rail offer customisation options to suit specific application requirements. Flanged carriages provide customers with multiple mounting options, enhancing flexibility and ease of installation. On the other hand, unflanged carriages offer simplicity and are suitable for applications with constrained spaces. Understanding the mounting needs and load requirements of the application helps in selecting the most appropriate carriage option.

As is the case with all of our linear rail, for full flexibility, you can easily select the length that you require to the mm. For lengths over 2 metres please get in touch with our team.

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Compact Linear Guides and rail