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Industrial automation demands precision and speed. Explore the advantages of our high quality, Swiss manufactured, belt driven linear actuators, setting new standards for efficiency and versatility in motion control systems.

In industries requiring high-speed, horizontal linear motion, finding the ideal linear actuator can be challenging. Balancing factors like speed, precision, load capacity, and application-specific needs often presents a significant hurdle.

Traditional linear actuators may fall short in meeting the demands of these applications, leading to compromised performance, inefficiencies, and potential downtime. Design limitations, such as travel length, speed, and load capacity, further exacerbate the issue.

Enter our belt-driven linear actuators brought to you by our partner Linetech. They are the cornerstone of efficient motion control in high-speed, horizontal applications. Let’s explore the intricacies of these actuators, their advantages, and why they’re the preferred choice for various industries.

What is a Belt Driven Linear Actuator?

A belt-driven linear actuator utilises a sophisticated system to transform rotary motion from a motor into precise linear movement.

Consisting of a timing belt connected to two circular pulleys, this mechanism seamlessly transfers torque from the motor while preventing slippage.

A carriage, mounted on profiled linear guides, traverses along the actuator, propelled by the converted linear force.

This setup, with the drive shaft perpendicular to the actuator’s side, ensures smooth and controlled movement, ideal for horizontal applications requiring speed and precision.


Manufacturing Automation:

Belt-driven linear actuators find their niche in manufacturing automation, where swift and precise motion is essential for tasks such as conveyor systems, packaging, and assembly lines.

Their ability to maintain high speeds over long distances makes them indispensable in streamlining production processes.

Material Handling:

From heavy load transportation to precise positioning in warehouses, Belt Driven Linear Actuators offer the speed and reliability necessary for efficient material handling operations.

Their versatility and robustness make them ideal for a variety of material handling tasks, ensuring seamless operation and increased productivity.

Printing and Packaging:

In industries demanding consistent and high-speed motion, such as printing and packaging, belt-driven linear actuators play a pivotal role.

Their ability to deliver precise positioning of print heads, cutting tools, and packaging machinery ensures optimal performance and quality output.


From CNC machines to robotic arms, Belt Driven Linear Actuators serve as the backbone of robotic systems, enabling intricate movements and tasks with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Their compatibility with various control systems makes them the preferred choice for robotics applications demanding dynamic linear motion.

Features of Our Belt Driven Linear Actuators:

Long Stroke Capability:

Both our standard belt drives and bridge module units excel in applications requiring extended travel lengths.

With stroke lengths exceeding 6.1 meters, our Belt Driven Linear Actuators offer unparalleled versatility, catering to a wide range of motion requirements.

While challenges may arise with longer lengths above 10m, our innovative design ensures minimal sagging and maximum efficiency, opening new possibilities for expansive applications.

High-Speed Performance:

When it comes to speed, Belt Driven Linear Actuators are a brilliant solution. Capable of achieving speeds of up to 5m/s, our Line Tech LM belt actuator sets the benchmark for rapid motion in high-speed applications.

Whether it’s conveyor systems or high-speed sorting, our actuators deliver unmatched performance, ensuring optimal throughput and productivity.

Precision and Repeatability:

While ball screw actuators boast superior accuracy and repeatability, our Belt Driven Linear Actuators offer commendable precision for a wide range of applications.

With backlash and belt stretch mitigated to achieve repeatability as low as 80 microns, our actuators guarantee consistent and reliable performance, meeting the demands of most precision-oriented tasks.

Dynamic Load Capacity:

Despite the perception of lower load capacity compared to ball screw systems, our Belt Driven Linear Actuators defy expectations with their robust design.

Utilising profiled linear rail guides, our actuators exhibit exceptional dynamic load capacity, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding environments.

However, careful consideration is advised for applications prone to shock loads, where additional precautions may be necessary to prevent belt slippage.

Mounting Orientation and Z-Axis Considerations:

Choosing the right actuator for vertical applications requires careful evaluation of mounting orientation and safety considerations.

While ball screw actuators offer inherent safety features against backdriving, our Belt Driven Linear Actuators can be tailored for vertical applications with added braking systems for enhanced safety.

Additionally, our Z-axis-specific actuators feature innovative designs, reducing mass and inertia for higher acceleration and speed, ideal for dynamic linear motion profiles.

Belt Driven Linear Actuators conclusion

In applications requiring high-speed, horizontal motion, belt-driven linear actuators emerge as the optimal solution, offering unmatched speed, versatility, and efficiency.

Whether it’s our standard belt drives or bridge module units, Kiwi Motion provides tailored solutions to meet unique application needs.

With Line Tech’s Swiss-made quality linear actuators, we empower industries to achieve unparalleled performance and efficiency, ensuring every application is made possible.

Ready to start your next linear motion project? Get in touch with our team, who can help you choose the right Linear Actuator for your design.

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