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Crossed Roller Slide Tables

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Crossed Roller Slide Tables

Introduction to Crossed Roller Slide Tables

Crossed roller slide tables, also referred to as cross roller tables, represent a pinnacle of precision linear motion solutions offered by Nippon Bearing (NB).

These compact and versatile units integrate the benefits of crossed roller guides into a single, ready-to-use assembly.

Designed to deliver exceptional rigidity, accuracy, and smooth motion, they are indispensable components in various industrial and scientific applications.

Features and Benefits of Crossed Roller Slide Tables

  • Integrated Design: Crossed roller slide tables incorporate all the features of crossed roller slide ways into a single unit, streamlining installation and setup processes.
  • Precision Machining: Each slide table is precision-machined to exacting standards, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in operation.
  • Low Friction Movement: Thanks to the crossed roller bearing design, these slide tables offer ultra-low friction motion, enabling smooth and precise linear movement.
  • High Load Capacity: Despite their compact size, crossed roller slide tables boast impressive load-bearing capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Versatility: From electronics assembly machines to optical measurement devices, crossed roller slide tables find application in diverse industries where precision linear motion is paramount.

Applications of Crossed Roller Slide Tables

Semiconductor Machinery

In semiconductor manufacturing, where precision and cleanliness are critical, crossed roller slide tables play a crucial role in ensuring accurate positioning and movement of components.

These tables contribute to the production of microchips and other semiconductor devices, where even the slightest deviation can lead to significant issues.

High-Precision Optical Equipment

Crossed roller slide tables are integral components in high-precision optical equipment, such as telescopes, spectrometers, and laser systems.

Their smooth and precise linear motion capabilities help maintain alignment and accuracy in optical instruments where precision is paramount.

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory instruments and equipment often require precise linear motion for tasks such as sample positioning, microscopy, and analytical measurements.

Crossed roller slide tables provide the accuracy and reliability necessary for these applications, contributing to the advancement of scientific research and experimentation.

Electronics Assembly Machines

In electronics manufacturing, where intricate components need to be precisely positioned and assembled, crossed roller slide tables ensure smooth and accurate linear motion.

These tables facilitate the automation of assembly processes, improving efficiency and product quality in electronics production.

Anti-Creep Technology: The NB STUDROLLER System

Cage creep is a common issue in linear motion systems, leading to premature wear and reduced performance.

To address this challenge, Nippon Bearing (NB) has developed the innovative STUDROLLER system. This patented technology prevents roller guide slippage, even in vertical applications, ensuring quieter operation, more accurate alignment, and an extended lifespan for crossed roller slide tables.

Why Choose Nippon Bearing (NB) Crossed Roller Slide Tables?

Nippon Bearing (NB) is synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of linear motion solutions. Their crossed roller slide tables are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements of modern industrial and scientific applications.

With a commitment to precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction, NB cross roller tables are the preferred choice for those seeking superior linear motion solutions.

Access to Data Sheets and 3D CAD Models

Kiwi Motion provides access to comprehensive data sheets and 3D CAD models for Nippon Bearing (NB) crossed roller slide tables.

These resources empower engineers and designers to make informed decisions and streamline the integration of cross roller tables into their projects.


Cross roller tables from Nippon Bearing (NB) represent the epitome of precision and reliability in linear motion technology.

Designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact form factor, these slide tables find application in a wide range of industries and scientific disciplines.

Whether in semiconductor manufacturing, optical instrumentation, laboratory research, or electronics assembly, NB crossed roller slide tables excel in providing smooth, accurate, and dependable linear motion solutions.

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