KIWI Approved Products

What is Kiwi Approved?

At Kiwi Motion, we stand for quality and excellence at all times.

Additionally, we consistently offer our linear motion products at market leading pricing levels.

Our Kiwi Approved product ranges combine these values, assuring you of innovative, pioneering, cost effective linear motion products.

Why choose Kiwi Approved?

Our exclusive range of Kiwi Approved linear motion products are engineered for the trailblazers, the innovators, the creators – your team. Kiwi Approved is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vision, enhancing machinery performance through our linear shafts, linear bearings, and ball screw technology.

With features engineered for optimum machine performance in every facet and design of each Kiwi Approved product that we supply, you are choosing a linear product to fit perfectly and enhance your machine design.


You are the reason Kiwi Approved exists. We recognize your appetite for reliability and precision, which is why our products are crafted to propel your machinery and your ambitions forward.


Kiwi Motion isn’t just about products; it’s about the promise of a partnership. Our reputation for punctuality, reliability, and superior customer service is the foundation of every Kiwi Approved product you purchase. We’re committed to comprehending your unique challenges and delivering tailor-made solutions to match.


Our online store mirrors the efficiency of our products, providing a streamlined purchase and enquiry experience. Kiwi Motion’s digital presence ensures you have 24/7 access to our product range, to our CAD models, to our pricing, allowing you to find and order the necessary components with convenience and speed.


Your project’s success is our priority. Our dedicated technical support team is always on hand to guide you in selecting the perfect Kiwi Approved product to enhance your equipment’s performance. Our expertise is your resource.

Join the Kiwi Motion Tribe Today

Kiwi Motion is more than a supplier; we are your strategic ally in the realm of high-quality linear motion products. With Kiwi Motion, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re becoming part of a community committed to excellence.

Contact us today to discover how the Kiwi Approved line can elevate your machinery’s performance to new heights. Welcome to our Tribe – where motion meets precision and quality meets innovation.

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